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Why consulting jobs are on the rise worldwide

Consulting job are on the rise worldwide because businesses are recognizing that…

  • …you can engage the best in the world, rather than just the best that is available locally

  • …it is typically less expensive to engage specialized knowledge only when needed, rather than keeping it on the payroll. (cost effectiveness ~ growth)

  • …consultants can bring to an engagement a wealth of knowledge accumulated not only by the individual’s experiences, but across their company’s and customer’s experiences (product value ~ growth)

  • …change is the only thing that can be expected, and consultants are usually on the forefront of innovations and improvements (emerging needs ~ growth)

  • …consultants bring an outside perspective (and hopefully objectivity) that might help bridge internal obstacles, whether they are political or personal in nature, but regardless, are hindering progress or attainment of goals (problem solutions ~ growth)

  • …all of the above, and more, are available through various consultants (higher demand ~ growth)

Source: Ray Leone

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