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Helios Wine Maker

Malta Solutions recently completed its latest project with MSC Cruises which we worked on for the past 10 months, we are pleased to finally share more about it.

MSC Cruises is the world's third-largest cruise brand with 23 vessels. Their latest ship, the MSC Euribia has already been crowned “the most sustainable cruise ship in the world”.

Helios Wine Maker, which is showcased on the MSC Euribia, is a wine experience like no other, allowing guests to explore the journey of the winemaker using digital tables and screens including the latest technology.

The project was spearheaded by our dynamic CEO and Founder Franck Massicard, and involved partnerships with some of the most amazing wineries on the planet. Just to mention a few:

Gerard Bertrand

Named Master Winemaker of the Year by Drinks Business Magazine, and featured on the cover of Wine Spectator in May 2023. Is recognised as the leader of Biodynamic wines.


Allegrini winery dates back to the 16th Century. Amarone Allegrini has been confirmed as one of the most highly awarded Italian red wines by national and international guides.

Limoux Rotschild

One of the most influential family in the Bordeaux region, with more than 400 years history.


The Antinori wine family is one of the oldest and most prestigious winemaking family in Italy with over 600 years history, including Tignanello which is one of the pioneers of Super Tuscans wines.

Francis Ford Coppola

Owned by the Director of “The Godfather”, Francis Ford Coppola, and is one of the most respected wineries in California.

Through interactive screens, you'll not only discover nearly 100 wines but also delve into their stories, discovering the winemakers, vineyards, and regions they hail from. These aren't just screens, they are windows into a world of wine knowledge and discovery. Each screen brings something fresh and intriguing to wine aficionados, as well as those beginning their vinous journey. Simply place the eco-friendly interactive coaster on the screen and see the world of wine unfold before your eyes.

Jacques Van Staden, Vice president of food and beverage, MSC Cruises, says: “We are always looking to anticipate the next big thing in food and beverage and with MSC Euribia, we wanted to offer venues that are unlike anything we have ever done before.

Helios is more than a tasting room; it's a journey, a story, and an experience. Welcome aboard the Helios experience, where every glass tells a tale!

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